Bio: Louisa Zimmer was born in Kassel (Germany) and currently studies Communication at the University Of The Arts Berlin She discovered her love for analogue photography while shooting her friends and family, also on Polaroid and other instant print formats. In summer 2018 Louisa shot her first artist, Israeli-rapper Noga Erez at a festival near her hometown. Since then she has been shooting numerous musicians on Contax T2, Canon AE 1 and Polaroid with different cameras in England, Finland and her adoptive home city Berlin. 

Statement: With my on-going series I try to capture the souls and personalities of both well and lesser known musicians and bands from different genres, genders and backgrounds. The portraits were taken on analogue film or Polaroid, often expired. The portraits are not altered, as I try to show my models in a more natural way than the often used photoshop effects in music media. My work was produced in small studios, depressive backstage rooms or off-side from festivals and venues.


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